If you cleverly place mirror surfaces, small rooms appear larger than they are. For example, if you hang a rectangular wall mirror lengthways, it stretches the room. You can get more light by hanging the mirror so that it reflects incident sunlight. You can do the same in your hallway or in your entrance area.

Types of mirrors

When it comes to mirrors, there is no limit. Small, large, square, round, in a waveform, with or without a frame as a wall mirror or standing mirror for the living room or for the hall.

Mirrors with a decorative border: suitable for beautifying your room walls and completing your furniture.
Full-length mirrors (as a wall mirror or a standing mirror): make it easier for you to decide on your outfit.
Wall mirrors vs. Standing mirrors: a mirror also acts as a room-enlarging element and light reflector. Think carefully about the positioning of your mirror.
Mirror with an integrated light: gives you light directly where you need it most. You can look at yourself in the mirror optimally and no longer have any annoying shadows on your face.
Decorative mirror: you can achieve wonderful effects in the living or dining room.


1. Choose a place where your mirror is easily accessible if you want to use it often.
2. Only hang up the mirror with the brackets, screws etc. provided.
3. Before attaching a mirror, you should test how high it has to hang above the floor.
4. Use a spirit level to hang the mirror straight.

A mirror says a lot about you. Buying your new one couldn't be easier. Simply order on IBBE DESIGN and get your new furniture delivered right to your home.


Mirrors – say a lot about you

Mirrors are decorative elements – they offer you many options for designing walls and rooms. Mirrors are functional – they give small rooms depth and brightens up the apartment by reflecting daylight. On IBBE DESIGN you can choose from modern or classic mirrors matching every taste and the style of your furniture. 

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