Whether you go for a large coffee table or prefer smaller models - you are guaranteed to find your new favourite table with us. Simply choose the right coffee table for you and your interior from IBBE DESIGN.


Why should I buy a coffee table?

A coffee table is an additional storage space in your household. You can keep the remote control, old magazines, a pack of snacks on or inside the table. Last but not least, when visitors are announced, the living room should look presentable.

Which material should I choose for my coffee table?

Each material has its advantages. Wooden coffee tables are durable, stable, warm-looking and inviting. The surface can be untreated, painted or oiled or scratch-resistant. In general, they are easy to maintain. Metal coffee tables are perfect for the industrial style. They can be made of chrome, stainless steel or aluminium. They are easy to clean with a damp cloth. Fibreglass & plastic – are characterised by unusual designs. They are robust, unbreakable and easy to care for.

Which coffee table suits my style?

Be brave and choose a coffee table in a style that differs from your other furnishings. If you want to be on the safe side, you can simply orient yourself to your existing furnishing style. Here is the overview of the main styles:

Scandinavian style - clean lines and light wood
Country house style – cosiness, natural materials and warm colours
Industrial style – metal frames, stability and resistance

What are the right dimensions?

If your coffee table is adjustable, you won't have to worry about dimensions and spacing. If your living room table stays the same size, you should think about what you will mainly use it for. Before buying, you can use markings on the floor to see how the coffee table will look in the room.

The ideal height is between 30 and 50 cm. If you want to swap your dining table for a coffee one from time to time, it should have a height of 60 cm. You should make sure that it goes well with the sofa and does not look cluttered by choosing a table that is about half the length of the seat.

How to take care of my coffee table?

A lint-free cloth is sufficient for quick, regular cleaning of wood or metal. Glass tables can be polished with glass cleaning agents. A slightly damp cloth is sufficient for models with lacquered or coated surfaces. Tables made of solid wood should be treated with a care oil for wood about every six months.

Before you make the final decisions, just answer these questions and you will know quickly:

1. How do you usually spend your time in the living room?
2. Do you want to use the coffee table as a dining table or work table?
3. How big should the coffee table be?
4. Have you measured your living room carefully?
5. What is the furnishing style of your room?


Coffee tables - put your food or feet on 

The main function of a coffee table is to add more storage space so you can comfortably put the remote control, snacks, your morning coffee and the newspaper in front of you when you are lounging on the sofa. If you like it extravagant, you can choose exclusive shapes. It can also function as a side table if you prefer having it to the side of the couch to keep the view to the front free. On IBBE DESIGN we have the perfect coffee table for your interior style.

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