Bar stools - simply comfortable!

The comfort is ensured by the sophisticated backrest and the often height-adjustable feature of a bar chair. Footrests ensure a carefree seating experience. On IBBE DESIGN you can choose from a large range. Good bar stools are characterized by sufficient stability.

Available possibilities

Bar stools are available with and without backrests. Bar stools are used in different areas, in a bar, lounge or for private purposes in a party room. The slim and tall design of most bar stools is primarily designed for sitting at a bar or counter. Some stool frames are made of metal, others of wood. You can order everything from conservative bar chairs to extravagant designer pieces – such as all-metal Korona chair.

Counter chairs – trendy sitting

Standing for a long time can be quite tiring, as a good host, you give your visit a comfortable seat in the form of a bar or counter chairs. You can easily pull them up to a high dining table, bar table or kitchen island. When not in use, these bar stools can easily be pushed under the counter table to save space. Almost all barstools have an upholstered or ergonomically shaped seat as well as a practical footrest, which further improves seating comfort. Of course, the bar chairs not only offer good seating comfort, thanks to their high-quality workmanship they are particularly stable and will give you many years of pleasure.


High-quality bar chair - an interesting design element not only in pubs

Sitting on the bar stool is not only comfortable, but it has also been proven to be far healthier and more effective than on a bucket seat or office chair. Thanks to the numerous material combinations, shapes, colours and sizes, you can easily integrate the barstool into any living situation. When you have found the right model, you can order it with just a few clicks.

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