You can use a sideboard in almost every room in your home, whether for laundry, cutlery, household items, important documents or decoration. Your choice depends only on what you want to use it for.

Sideboards & size

The common height is from 70 to 100 cm high. You can find short sideboards from 70 cm wide to long ones of the width up to more than 2 metres.

Sideboards & furnishing styles

If you already keep your home in a certain style, you don't have to compromise on your sideboard.

Scandinavian style: typical clear lines and shapes, reduced design, simplicity combined with functionality
Vintage: dark wood or bright colours, used look of doors
Country style: solid, wooden materials such as beech or walnut
Modern style: typical of subtle colours, for example in contrast with a high-gloss finish

Sideboards & care

High-gloss sideboard - wipe off any fingerprints with a slightly damp cotton cloth and then you should wipe dry again. Place a wooden sideboard away from direct sunlight.


Sideboards –  versatile storage 

Do you want to present your favourite objects and also have plenty of storage space? We offer sideboards with doors, drawers or with open compartments in different heights and widths. The versatile storage areas are ideal for presenting your accessories and house decoration.  They offer you a lot of space to store your things that you don't want to present in the living room: photo albums, important papers, seasonal clothes, tablecloths and other personal items.
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