What are the most important points when looking for a suitable dining table?


Size: a small dining table is space-saving and suitable for narrow spaces with a width of about 60-70 cm per person. There should be a free space of 55 cm around the table.

Width: a table width of at least 70 cm would be a minimum. This width must be measured between the table legs so that you can sit comfortably. If more than one person is to sit on the long side of the table, it is always better to leave enough space on the left and right and choose a wider option. If two people are to sit directly opposite each other, a table width of at least 80 cm is required.

Material: the basic available materials are wood, plastic, glass or metal. Solid wood tables look beautiful due to the natural grain and warm colour of the wood. A solid wood table is also very robust and durable if it is well looked after. However, wood requires special care and has to be cleaned regularly with suitable products and possibly polished. Glass tables represent a modern, clear furnishing style. Dining tables made of glass look noble and are in most cases easy to care for. Plastic tables, nowadays, can often hardly be distinguished from real wood or metal. Many designer tables are made of high-quality plastics. Plastic tables are also popular as easy-care kitchen tables.

Seat height: a dining table is usually around 78 cm high, but the height should be adjusted to the seat height of the chairs. There should be approx. 30 cm from the seat surface to the lower edge of the table.

Number of people: you can use the following table to determine the right size for your new dining room table. The recommended dimensions differ depending on whether it is a round or a square table.

4 people

Square dining table: 120 cm long
Round dining table: 80 cm in diameter

6 people

Square dining table: 180 cm long
Round dining table: 120 cm diameter

8 people

Square dining table: 240 cm long
Round dining table: 160 cm in diameter

10 people

Square dining table: 300 cm long
Round dining table: 200 cm in diameter


Dining table – a central piece 

An important part of life takes place there because a dining table is used several times a day. When choosing a dining room table, you should consider both functional and aesthetic aspects. First of all, it is important how much space is available and how many people should be seated at it. We at IBBE DESING will help you choose the best option for you.

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