Store clothing and other items in a set of drawers from IBBE DESIGN. A typical chest of drawers is narrow and tall. You may find different sizes:

Wide chest of drawers – up to 200 cm wide

Short chest of drawers – less than 100 cm wide

Large chest of drawers – up to 60 cm deep

Tall chest of drawers - over 115 cm

Materials and colours

A white chest of drawers is the classic, but there are almost no limits to your choice. In our range, you can find chests of drawers made of wood, metal ones, chest of drawers with handles or handle-free, modern ones with sharp edges or minimalistic ones with clean lines.


Country style: A rustic country style chest of drawers will perfectly suit your character if you like traditions and romantic design. Country chests of drawers with pretty decorations on the drawers bring romance into your living room.

Scandinavian style: The style of North Europe means comfort, harmony and simplicity. A chest of drawers in white or light wood is the right choice for you.

Industrial style: Perfect for creating a loft atmosphere. The industrial furnishing style with its minimalist, metallic chests of drawers made of natural woods is modern and cool. The ambience of your living room gets a unique urban flair in combination with a leather sofa.


Before buying a new chest of drawers, ask yourself whether it should harmonize with the wall colour, bring out your curtains or carpets, or give the overall look of your living room a new touch?


Chest of drawers –  style, order and elegance 

Chests of drawers are a real gem and style bearer not only of the living room but also hallway or bedroom. Personal items can be stowed inconspicuously inside many practical drawers. The chest of drawers is more versatile than almost any other piece of furniture in your household. It is also a beautiful eye-catcher as a stand-alone piece of jewellery in the living room. You can present your accessories and house decorations wonderfully on the generous storage space.

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