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Kinderbett mit Schubladen Weiß Massivholz Kiefer 90x200 cm

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Dieses Holz-Kinderbett mit Schubladen ist eine praktische und dekorative Bereicherung für jedes Kinderzimmer. Das Bett ist mit seinem Rahmen im Baumhaus-Stil intelligent gestaltet. Darauf können Sie Bettvorhänge aufhängen, um Ihrem Kind Privatsphäre zu bieten. Das Bett kann auch als Leseecke oder Spielhaus verwendet werden. Aus massivem Kiefernholz gefertigt, ist dieses Bettgestell äußerst stabil und langlebig. Die robusten Latten bieten den nötigen Halt und sind sehr bequem. Die mitgelieferten Schubladen stellen reichlich Stauraum für Kleidung, Spielzeuge usw. zur Verfügung, um für Ordnung im Kinderzimmer zu sorgen. Die leichtgängigen Rollen lassen sich sowohl auf Teppich- als auch auf Holzböden einsetzen. Dieser Bettrahmen ist für eine Matratze von 90 x 200 cm geeignet. Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Lieferung nur das Bettgestell beinhaltet. Eine Matratze und Vorhänge sind nicht enthalten. Das Bettgestell ist leicht zu montieren. In unserem Shop finden Sie auch eine dazu passende Matratze.

  • Farbe: Weiß
  • Material: Kiefer-Massivholz
  • Gesamtmaße: 206 x 97 x 190 cm (L x B x H)
  • Geeignete Matratzengröße: 90 x 200 cm (B x L) (Matratze ist nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten)
  • ACHTUNG:Nicht geeignet für Kinder unter 4 Jahren.

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Care instructions for sofas and upholstered furniture:

It is recommended to clean the entire sofa with a soft brush. Avoid strong friction or sudden violent movements. Do not use a vacuum cleaner.

The covers of the entire range are not removable. Their removal and washing in the washing machine is at the customer\'s own risk - this does not entitle the initiation of a complaint procedure.

The upholstery of the sofa, especially in light colors, is exposed to staining from other fabrics, mainly clothing, such as linen. B. Jeans. This is not a defect in the upholstery, but a defect in the clothing fabric. Contact with foreign fibers (clothing or bedspreads) also causes the so-called peeling of the fabric.

Metal and wooden parts should not be exposed to permanent contact with water. If necessary, they should be wiped with a damp cloth and neutral detergents (do not use bleach, hard surface soap or products containing ammonia). Any residue from the cleaning products should be wiped dry.

To remove wet or greasy stains, use tissue paper, then use a damp, soft sponge to quickly soak up the stain. Then you can proceed to stain removal with a neutral detergent and water. Clean soiled surfaces using gentle, circular motions from the outside in, avoiding vigorous rubbing of wet fibers. After removing the stain, the fabric should dry at room temperature.
Repeat as needed, expanding the area around the smudge to reduce the circular effect.

Before cleaning, we recommend testing the detergent on a hidden area of the sofa to avoid damaging the fabric. In order to extend the life of the fabric, we recommend that you protect the surface from pets.

Care instructions for solid wood furniture:

1. Dust it well
A sparkling piece of furniture makes for a sparkling room. And the right amount of dust helps with that. Be sure to use a soft, dry cotton cloth to wipe away dust. If you could clean your sofas, tables, etc. every two months then there is nothing quite like it.
2. Minimum sun exposure
Be careful not to expose wooden furniture to sunlight for long periods of time. This leads to a phenomenon called "spotting" where light and dark dots appear across the cross-section. On a wooden table, you could use a tablecloth to effectively soften the effect.
3. Pay attention to the temperature
Avoid using extremely hot and cold items on wooden furniture for better maintenance. They tend to leave an impression that can distort the original texture of the surface. Ensure that exposure is limited to acceptable time intervals and not for too long.
4. Let it age gracefully
Furniture ages and you need to let it age gracefully. Just like the wine, it can take on a new character in its final years. Some woods may lighten over time and others may darken. So the next time you buy wooden furniture, pay close attention to its aging habits.
5. Keep sharp objects away
You should be very careful not to get sharp objects too close to pieces of wooden furniture. A scratch never looks good. Never.
6. Oil and wax regularly
Oiling and waxing wood is highly recommended as it gives it a glossy finish. Also, it adds a protective layer, a coating on the surface, enlivening its appearance. If you could oil and wax your wooden units every three months that would be wonderful.
7. Use warm water to clean
To clean furniture, you should use warm water and a mild detergent. Be careful not to soak it for a long time. Clean it until the dust wears off. The residual moisture can later be wiped off with a cloth.


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Kinderbett mit Schubladen Weiß Massivholz Kiefer 90x200 cm

Kinderbett mit Schubladen Weiß Massivholz Kiefer 90x200 cm