Wall cabinets, as the name suggests, are unique pieces attached to the wall. In most cases, they are used to store decoration, glasses, books or collectables.

Where to place a wall cabinet?

Wall cabinets are versatile. They will find their place either in the kitchen, dining room or living room. They can be placed above a TV table, next to your dining table or as a part of your kitchen furniture.

Wall cabinets & preferred styles

Modern: typical of openness, simple shapes and light colours, usually with light sources integrated
Country: characterized by craftsmanship, wood and ornamentation; beech or oak wood are often used here

Before buying a new wall cabinet, answer these questions:

1. Do I need extra storage?
2. Is one wall unit enough?
3. Do I need to keep my things hidden and buy a unit with a solid door or a display cabinet to present my things?
4. What colour matches the style of my living room?

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