Types of TV tables

Your TV is at eye level on a low cabinet, usually equipped with drawers or open compartments.

TV walls
A combination of a lowboard and a TV shelf. DVD collection or your favourite books are integrated into modern wall units.


When buying a new TV table, consider the size of your TV, the number of cables and additional devices.

TV table & style

When choosing your TV table, just make sure that the material, colour and shape match your interior design style. Most of our TV furniture is kept in inconspicuous colours so that it can be easily integrated into your living space. If your house is designed in a country style, we recommend light-coloured, especially white TV furniture. You can match the colour of your new TV furniture with the colour of your upholstered sofa. Just choose a slightly lighter or darker shade. If you are brave enough, the colour of the TV table can contrast with the other furniture.

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