What shouldn’t be missing in any office/study room:

Office desk: from simple designs to special computer tables with integrated compartments for computers, printers, scanners and keyboard pull-outs. A corner desk offers a great solution for small rooms.

Office chair/Gaming chair: from a simple swivel chair to a luxury chair with multiple functions. Ergonomic chairs which adapt to your body are ideal for long sitting. A good office chair can be rotated 360 degrees, is height-adjustable and can be moved flexibly thanks to attached castors.

Visitors chair: is not intended for long sitting but has typical features of the office furniture such as upholstered seat and armrests and soft covers.

Filling cabinet: to organise your files neatly.

Chest of drawer: for storing sensitive documents, office supplies and accessories. Some drawers are lockable and therefore a safe place for your documents.

Shelves: to display rewards or decorative elements.

Bookcase: to accommodate books and office supplies such as paper, envelopes or pens.

Features of office furniture

An ergonomic shape of the chair
Robust materials for high resilience
Durability and functionality


Office & study room - well-equipped workplace

Your work or study area should be functional and set up according to your needs. Nowadays we spend several hours sitting at the desk and it affects our back and our health. Therefore, many office chairs are individually adapted to protect your back. Storage space for files and important documents play an important role as well. You can find a range of traditional or modern office furniture for your workplace on IBBE DESIGN.

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