When it comes to the living room, furniture is one of the most important parts. It’s a place for communication, comfort and relaxation. Whether you want to furnish your living room in a modern, romantic, Scandinavian way or in a country house look - with IBBE DESING you can choose from a wide range of sofas, cabinets, coffee tables or decorations.


Coffee tables – every seat has a table, great for storing small utensils
Wall units – from rustic to sophisticated pieces, incredibly practical and providing extra storage space
TV stands – to accommodate your TV in the right style
Sofas and couches – a heart of the living room providing comfort for you and your guests
Armchairs – peace, heaven and relax while watching your favourite TV program or reading a thrilling book
Decorations – to create the homey atmosphere

Discover your style

Scandinavian: light wood, white colour, clever functions
Modern (classic & elegant): clear shapes, simple colours such as black, grey or beige, high-gloss lacquer or glass elements
Industrial: furniture made of unpainted steel or dark woods, worn vintage leather sofas and armchairs, rough edges
Romantic: for fans of soft cotton or linen fabrics and friendly colours

Tips for a small living room:

> go for bright colours such as white, cream, beige or light grey
> invest in a sofa bed which you can open and close when needed
> use multifunctional furniture such as a living room table that can function also as a dining table
> place a mirror that has the ability to enlarge any room


Wohnzimmer – Komfort und Entspannung

Ob groß oder klein, alt oder neu, Ihr Wohnzimmer bietet Ihnen die Möglichkeit, Kontakte zu knüpfen, sich zu entspannen, Ihre Lieblingssachen aufzubewahren und auszustellen. Das Wohnzimmer ist ein Ort, an dem Sie arbeiten, Ihre Familie Zeit miteinander verbringt und Ihre Freunde zusammenkommen. Mit Möbeln von IBBE DESIGN passt Ihr Wohnzimmer nicht nur zu Ihrem Einrichtungsstil, sondern ist auch funktional und optisch ansprechend.

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