2-seater: classic single sofa providing space for 2 people. It is suitable for shared rooms, children’s rooms and offers a space-saving solution.
3-seater: classic single sofa providing space for up to 3 people. It is suitable for a living room.
L-shape: corner sofa offers plenty of space to sit comfortably for 3 or 4 people and also lie down. The common part is a built-in chaise for even bigger comfort.
U-shape: consists of 3 and more modules; it usually has two chaise longues. It is suitable for big families and large living spaces.

Upholstery & cover

Why it is so important? The choice of upholstery and cover depends on the function of your sofa. If you prefer to lie on the sofa, we recommend casual foam upholstery. That allows you to sink into the soft cushion and relax. If the primary function is sitting, you should focus on so-called firm upholstery with a point-elastic spring core which is harder, with an optimal seat height and getting up is much easier.

The most common materials are:

Leather: durable, high quality, noble look, high purchase price, easy to clean, requires treatment from time to time, allergy-friendly
Artificial leather: authentic leather look, cheaper in price, allergy-friendly, easy care
Fabric: a variety of colours, different designs, soft
Microfiber: different designs, easy to care, durable, resistant, super robust, hypoallergenic
Velvet: impressive, soft, delicate look

Buying a new sofa is a matter of long discussions and with sufficient care, your sofa will last for years so it is important to take your time before making the final decision. The selection of sofas is huge and you can order comfortably from our range on IBBE DESING.


Klassische Sofas – jedes Zuhause sollte eines haben

Ein normales Sofa ist ein langer gepolsterter Sitz mit Rückenlehne und Armlehnen für zwei oder mehr Personen. Wählen Sie aus unserem breiten Sofa-Sortiment auf IBBE DESIGN ein neues Möbelstück für Ihren Haushalt. Berücksichtigen Sie beim Kauf eines neuen Sofas den Stil Ihres Wohnzimmers, wie viele Personen darauf sitzen sollen, welches Budget Sie haben und welche Polsterung richtig ist.
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