Artificial or real?

The parts of the artificial flowers are designed so realistically that there is little or no difference visually. They can often be distinguished from natural specimens only by touching. This makes artificial flowers the perfect alternative to natural ones. The biggest advantages are their low maintenance effort and flexible use.

Benefits of artificial plants:

⚘ they do not require any care
⚘ no constant watering
⚘ no fertilizing
⚘ no repotting
⚘ no fading, no shrinking – a fresh look all year long!
⚘ flowers bloom all year round - without even one blossom on the branch wilting
⚘ flexible and usable anywhere
⚘ summer and winter-proof alike
⚘ every place is suitable for an artificial plant
⚘ an artificial plant does not care whether there is a poor light condition
⚘ it doesn't grow – it saves you not only repotting, but also buying new planters

Where to place them?

An orchid with its unique blossoms placed on the windowsill looks deceptively real in a ceramic pot and is guaranteed to attract admiring glances from neighbours and passers-by. You can also decorate your apartment or front door with our more than 2 metres tall artificial palm. Monstera in a simple plastic pot fits well in any living or dining room.

Buy artificial flowers online and save money. The artificial flower you buy today will stay fresh and beautiful for many years. Whether you are looking for an evergreen artificial plant or an artificial flower with many flowers, we offer you a wide range of artificial plants and artificial flowers that you can buy online right away on IBBE DESIGN.


Artificial flowers and plants – decoration without any water

Are you looking for long-lasting decorations? Check our wide range of lifelike artificial plants. Flowers from IBBE DESIGN  always look fresh and shine with the same beauty for years. They are high quality and you can’t recognize them as replicas at first glance.  A spare shelf in the bathroom? Workspace with a low level of sunlight? An extra space next to your sofa? The use is flexible.

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