A sofa is the heart of the living room. A sofa is primarily there for you to sit on. If you get tired too quickly when lying down, you may prefer sofas and couches on which you and your guests can sit or even lie comfortably together.

Sofa & couches – types

Classic single sofa
- 2-seater
- 3-seater

Corner sofa
- L-shape

Chaise longue (also known as daybeds)
Chesterfield sofa
Box spring sofa
Sofa bed
Couch sets
- double or triple

Sofa & couches - style

You can find sofas on IBBE DESIGN in a wide variety of colours and styles. You can determine the colour of your sofas based on your furnishing style. Grey colour goes with every furnishing style for its timelessness.

Modern style - simple and straightforward design
Country style – typical of homely and nostalgic atmosphere
Scandinavian – white and light pastel colours, natural materials

Care tips

Sensitive materials such as velvet are not recommended in households with small children or pets. Instead, choose sturdy materials like synthetic leather or microfiber.

Before using for the first time: Obtain impregnating agent for leather or imitation leather sofa from specialist retailers. Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dirt from the cracks. Never rub hard. Treat stains with a slightly damp cloth and do not use aggressive cleaning agents. (Baby wipes work well too!)

Before buying a new sofa, answer these questions:

How much space is available in the room?
What is my budget?
How many people should sit on the couch/sofa?
Should the couch have an extra sleeping function?
Should the sofa offer more storage space?
Should it be an easy-care material?
Which colour suits the interior?

When it comes to sofas, the selection is huge. Always choose the right furniture based on the amount of space you have at home and the number of people sitting on it. The design simply depends on your own taste and the style of living in your home.


Sofas & couches – switch off and relax 

What is better than putting your feet up on the couch when work is finished? Sitting together with family and friends, playing games and organizing a movie night? Sofa not only has to look good, it also has to provide exceptional comfort. Sofas from IBBE design can guarantee that there will be enough space for any occasion.

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