A chair for every situation. For every home. For everyone.

A comfortable chair guarantees that friends and family not only take their seat but they also remain seated for long. The offer in our furniture shop ranges from an elegant dining chair, stylish high bar chairs, ergonomic office chairs to extremely comfortable armchairs or recliners.

How do the chairs differ?

The demands on a chair are very individual. Whether you prefer an upholstered chair with armrests or a minimalist chair, whether you prefer it warm and soft or rather sober and cool, simple or colourful - we make your decision easier. You can find a solid chair that is modern with a stylish design and 4 legs in our online shop, as well as an industrial-inspired chair with a metal look.

Colours and materials

As with so many pieces of furniture, the choice of colour for chairs depends on your furnishing style. If you choose a chair with leather - with either the seat cushions or the seat and backrest covered with leather - then this chair is often kept in an elegant colour such as brown, black or grey. Such a chair goes well with classic solid wood tables or as a contrast to white tables. If you like living surrounded by colours, then chairs that are made of modern plastic are right for you. Chairs made of polypropylene have the advantage that they are neither damaged in the kitchen. The best chairs in terms of durability are certainly solid wood chairs, which are available in natural wood tones.

Home office

With an office chair or desk chair, the focus is on functionality. In order to find a meaningful, permanently comfortable working position, you can change the height and inclination of the seat as well as the inclination of the backrest. If you regularly work at home for more than an hour, you should think about a consciously furnished work corner in your apartment. With the right office or swivel chair at home, you definitely relieve your back and maintain your productivity.

How would you like your chairs?

Substructure: four chair legs: dining room chairs, bar chairs
Trumpet foot: bar stool
Castors: swivel chair, office chair
High: bar stool
Normal: chairs, stools, office chairs
Low: armchair
With armrests: dining room chair, armchair, office chair
Without armrests: stool
With backrest: chair, armchair
Without backrest: stool, bar stool
Space-saving: stacking chair

Buy chairs at IBBE DESIGN: stay seated, order and have them delivered. Your new chairs are just a few clicks away from you!


Chairs - the most indispensable part of the home

Whether in the dining room, in the office or in the kitchen, chairs are a comfortable place to sit in every apartment. The chairs by IBBE DESIGN are particularly comfortable pieces of furniture that score ergonomic shapes, beautiful designs and cosy seats. You can always sit relaxed on a chair from our range - even for hours. With us, you will find inspiration and chairs that will accompany you for a long time. In our range you can find dining chair, bar chairs, armchairs, lounge chairs and recliners. You just have to decide which one you will choose.

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