From the shoe cabinet to the showcase

There is special cabinet furniture for every purpose and room - whether for the bedroom, dining room, study, office or hallway.

Bedroom: chest of drawers, nightstands
Hallway: shoe cabinets and multi-purpose cabinets
Dining room: highboards, chests of drawers and sideboards
Living room: showcases, highboards, sideboards and wall units
Office: desk cabinets, chest of drawers, wall units


Wood is still a popular material for bedroom furniture in general. An additional chest of drawers or a matching sideboard are an option for those who can accommodate several coordinated pieces of furniture in the bedroom. Choose a representative, stand-alone cabinet and keep your personal belongings organised.


The first room you see when you enter your home. For that reason, the hall furniture should look inviting and evoke a comfortable feeling immediately upon entry. The first impression counts. With our shoe cabinets you can store all your shoes well sorted and ready.

Dining room

We use cupboards in the dining room or kitchen every day. For this reason, the furniture must be made of robust materials such as solid wood or sturdy MDF panels. You will usually receive a cabinet assembled.

Living room

Would you like to present your glass collection, vases or travel souvenirs? Store them in a typical cabinet for the living room – showcase. Showcases are available individually or already integrated into wall units.

Office or study

Office cabinets are often kept in a simple design. Put a small practical desk cabinet in which you can store pens, hole punches, staplers or envelopes so you always have all your utensils at hand.


Cabinets - more than a storage space

A cabinet is probably one of the most practical pieces of furniture. If you love order, you probably need more than one in your household. Clothes, shoes, dishes, books and many other things have the right place. You will find beautiful storage space for every room, taste, style and budget. Choose the cabinet that suits you and your home here at IBBE DESIGN.

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